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So you want to get rid of your blues and see yourself in another light!! Tell yourself that age has nothing to do with accomplishment and that inner peace has.

Your soul is much older than your years and it doesn’t worry about the passage of time, but works constantly to filter life’s experience to truth’s nectar.

Leave your cluttered and confused mind to one side and treat it like a child. Go back to the root cause of the problem and that great mountain that you placed in your path, and find another way. In doing this you will have found the ideal solution

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Heartful reflections, in words, paintings and photographs, on the understanding of our humanity and both the beauty and the challenges of life, including how to sidestep the grey of the status quo.

Ron’s reflections and images are, collectively, liberating, spiritually, perceptually, and inspire everyday living.


Collected from over 2 years of social media posts, these “Just Thoughts” offer simple yet powerful alignment and restive moments.


Images in this book are of Ron’s uniquely beautiful paintings and photographs. He paints from imagination, often places he has never seen outwardly, and often creates in darkness.

Ron attracts, and captures in images, very beautiful cloud formations around his home in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Southern France, often paranormal in their forms, often of breathtaking beauty.

Just Thoughts comes highly recommended, it can and will be a reservoir of impressions of eternal youth, which can magnetise your life with wonder and truth.

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