A BOOK that expresses the flame of inspiration is a rare experience. Each thought unfolded here, each aphorism is such an imprint of the soul’s wisdom, its insight, its quickening throb, its very life. We, human beings, have such depths of knowledge, we need only turn inwardly to tap treasures that the universe holds in store for us.
This book is the proof and the guarantee that such a turning and such a reaping are possible; it is the promise that each one of us may find in himself a spring of infinite wisdom that can sustain us in life’s daily trials with strength and serenity. It was written out of that inner silence which throbs with the pulse of life itself, that silence which brings forth, which generates, quickens, is rich with meaning, with the peace, joy and love at the root of our nature. It invites us to probe our own silence, our own fullness, wherein we learn, as the author himself has done, to distinguish the flashes of truth our soul sends forth.
…………….( Reflection of Jeanine Miller on this book)