REFLECTIONS ON THE QUEST “MASTER, TELL ME”             Click here to download book

Click here to download this bookby Ron Wildego and Jeanine Miller
Illustrations by Ginger Gilmour

Reflections on the Quest: “Master, Tell me” by Ron Wildego and Jeanine Miller, is a truly enlightening collection of poetry.

The book centres on the quest for truth, the questions one starts to ask one’s self when one wonders about the meaning of life and the universe in general.

The authors create a dialogue between the little self and the higher self, called Master, answers all the questions.

Tell me, Master, what is love?” Love is
the flame within all being,
the form of the formless,
the very sap of life.
Surviving eternally,
giving eternally of itself,
yet constantly renewed,
a giving wanting naught but itself
in exchange for itself.
The verses herein are not only beautifully
written, but also thought-provoking. Reflections
on the Quest will surely enrich the reader’s mind
and spirit.

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